Our Inheritance Tax Planning Service

For over 3 decades, our Managing Director, Edward Mills, has worked with industry experts and tax specialists to make available, to our Clients, an extensive range of onshore and offshore trusts, as well as packaged estate planning solutions. The quality of these is underpinned by the fact that they are award winning estate planning products.

We pride ourselves on our technical expertise, advice and support in this area. These skills have allowed us to analyse and assess unique product solutions and offer to our Clients inheritance tax mitigation planning services that meet the known requirements of HMRC. We also use dedicated Technical Services specialists with the top product providers throughout the UK and in relevant offshore jurisdictions.

Our strategies include not only the appropriate trust-based solutions, but also maximising the potential to retain full access to your funds by utilising appropriate investment portfolios under the Business Property Relief rules.
The example below shows an explanatory video and additional information regarding the Canada Life Wealth Preservation Account.

Key Benefits

  • The original investment is outside of your Estate and will be completely free of inheritance tax after seven years.
  • All growth on investments within this solution is exempt from inheritance tax and entirely outside of your Estate.
  • You have access to payments from the funds and the the power to defer these indefinitely.
  • During your lifetime, withdrawals can be paid to Beneficiaries using their tax allowances.
  • This tax solution can be constructed so as to remain entirely outside of your Beneficiaries Estates.

Product Summary

Effective estate planning with flexible access

Many clients are prepared to gift money to a trust in order to help reduce a potential inheritance tax liability. However, they may want to retain some form of access to the funds in the trust, avoiding the more common rigidity of other types of trust solutions.

The CanTrust Wealth Preservation Account from Canada Life International is a unique trust arrangement designed to save inheritance tax, whilst allowing you flexibility with the funds, additionally trustees can make payments to your beneficiaries during your lifetime.

Investment Choices

The Account is true open architecture, meaning almost any collective fund from around the world can be used, along with state of the art investment platforms, within which Patterson-Mills offers a full range of risk-graded investment portfolios.

It is possible to use multiple funds, platforms and discretionary managers and the investments can be changed at any time.

Who is it suitable for?

Before proceeding, we would need to assess and analyse your financial position in order to ensure any particular strategy is suitable for you.

The CanTrust Wealth Preservation Account will appeal to UK residents who have a potential IHT liability and are willing to make a lump sum gift into a trust, whilst retaining access to payments from the trust and giving the trustees the ability to make payments to the chosen beneficiaries.

Risks to consider

This is not a product recommendation, as before proceeding with any inheritance tax mitigation strategy we would need to assess and analyse your financial position. In this way, we would be able to ensure any particular strategy is suitable for you.

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