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Wealth management

For high net worth individuals or families, our comprehensive wealth management service encompasses all of your investment needs.  We carry out a holistic planning process to enable bespoke, strategic decision-making covering all of your financial planning matters, goals and objectives. The start point is to provide you with our Financial Planning Report, which uses the ISO 22222 guidelines at its core.

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Our wealth management service

Retirement income planning – including pensions

It is very important to review and monitor your existing pension funds.  You can otherwise find that you have funds sitting in old plans, with companies who are no longer open to new business and have little incentive to offer the greatest investment return capabilities.

Retirement income need not only come from pension funds.  The plethora of other investment vehicles can also be part of the tools you have available and many such alternative investments are tax efficient in their own way too.

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Retirement planning page


Whether you have the objective of growing your capital, or preserving what you have accrued to date, investment planning is vital to your wealth.

Individual stock-picking and the self-managing that some private investors undertake can be a gamble.  Instead, having a well defined, measurable and consistent approach to investment management is essential.
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Inheritance tax mitigation

We can assess your current tax position, project this forward and assist with plans to take steps to reduce your potential Inheritance Tax (IHT) charge.  Careful planning can significantly reduce, or even completely eradicate IHT.

If you have a total Estate (after debts) in excess of £325,000 per person, find out more about IHT planning by contacting us now.

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Financial protection planning for your Family

How you and your loved ones would cope financially in the event of losing an income, whether through death, illness or disability should be a key concern for all families.  We can help calculate the levels of protection cover you need and to choose the right type of plan.  It is vital to your wealth that you ensure the right type of Trust is used for all death benefits, in order to mitigate any Inheritance Tax liability.

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International investing

If you are (or have ever been) UK domiciled and live or work outside the UK, then the investment options open to you broaden significantly.  In particular, the use of non-UK collective investments can be highly beneficial for both tax reduction purposes and efficient asset preservation and estate planning reasons.

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International investors