Charles Mills, Wealth Management Assistant

This role started back in 2016, when Charles’ natural capability with the IT side of life, meant that operating our website and associated activities (e.g. group emails to employee benefits clients about upcoming meeting dates and times) was a natural fit.

In financial advisory businesses across the UK, the majority are smaller companies and the technology / website role is not clearly defined, let alone having any strategic influence on the business operations!

Charles has brought a keen focus on the benefits of using technology efficiently and effectively, to the great benefit of assisting with growing the Business and to the enhanced convenience of our existing Clients.

In his spare time, Charles is an Australiaphile and loves travelling in general.  Having visited vineyards from a tot upwards (with careful parental guidance back then!), Charles has latterly visited a multitude of wine regions, from France, Switzerland, Italy and Sicily, to his latest discovery in early 2020, visiting the wonderful Hunter Valley in Oz.

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