Working with us enables you to be assured that you will receive a totally Client-centric, high quality, totally unbiased, investment advice service as we do not work on a commission basis.

If you are looking for independent advice from a highly qualified Independent Financial Adviser, then the services we offer at Patterson-Mills Financial Planning could be ideally suited to your needs.

Easy to understand

We talk straight, no jargon, no complex (almost) mythology about investment and financial planning matters.  All our documentation is aimed at being easy to understand.

A piece of free advice we can give you here and now:  never invest in something that you don’t understand.  If your Adviser cannot explain the intricacies to you in plain English, then don’t proceed, look elsewhere…it’s good for your wealth.

When you invest with our advice, you can be sure that our recommendations are completely unbiased.  This is because we do not take any commission from the investment product provider, be it a fund manager, a pension or insurance company.  So, you can be certain that we only work for you.

We believe that, from the perspective of an investor, it makes sense to use a fee-based service like ours, instead of a commission-based offering.  This is the only way an investor can have complete certainty that advice received cannot possibly be clouded by different levels of commission for different financial products.

We only work for you

If you are looking for independent advice, without investment commissions clouding the issues, then the services we offer at Patterson-Mills Financial Planning are for you.

We charge on a fee-basis. This is what the Which (Consumers Association)  has to say about fee-based Advisers as opposed to Commission based ones:

Commission-based advice can be dressed up to appear free, but can often prove more expensive than paying a fee.  Bank advisers might tell you they provide free advice, but they don’t.  The cost of their advice comes out of product charges which can dramatically affect the return on your investment long after you have taken the advice.

Similarly, IFAs who offer commission aren’t providing their services for free as commission can increase the product charges, which dramatically affects the return on your investment long after you have taken the advice.”

Total transparency

Our fees are always agreed with you in advance, so there’s no surprises and you can always see the value to your investments of the commission savings you will be making.

The investments you undertake as part of any recommendation are transacted commission-free, so enhancing your tax-free investment allowances (such as ISA or pension).

If you wish, any fees charged can be paid from your investments, but this is always agreed in advance and is completely transparent… you always know exactly where you are, no surprises!

Commission-free, fee-based investment and financial planning advice is the way forward for investors and Patterson-Mills Financial Planning is proud to be at the forefront of bringing such a service to the Market.

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