Experience you can trust

Welcome to Patterson-Mills Financial Planning.  We are Chartered Financial Planners and Independent Financial Advisers that offer:

Employers (SMEs) – cost-effective, comprehensive, employee benefits consultancy service, backed by the latest secure technologies to provide you with an individually tailored, end-to-end, solution for your employee benefits strategy.

Individuals – competitively priced access to the highest quality fund management, whole of market for UK investments, including ISAs, VCTs, EIS, combined with holistic financial planning services using tax-efficient structures optimising your returns.

Our service can be as bespoke as you need it to be and we offer state of the art technology to give you 24x7x365 access to everything we do for you.  We strive constantly to ensure we provide our Clients with a service that is second to none, matching the very best available.  A service that not only puts you as our Client first, but also has its objectives completely aligned to your own.

For many people, the task of being sure of finding quality investment advice often seems daunting, yet choosing the right Adviser is absolutely vital to your wealth.  It is our belief, from over 30 years’ experience, that you should only discuss your financial and investment objectives with someone who, at the very least, meets all of the following criteria:

1)  is a highly qualified Financial Adviser, preferably a Chartered Financial Planner, being the pinnacle of qualifications in the field, not a representative of a business that creates its own products, nor within an investment management business itself, nor even part of a huge banking or other financial conglomerate

2)  is a Financial Adviser offering you ‘wholesale investment pricing’ – i.e. absolute zero investment commissions

3)  is part of a totally independent firm that offers investments and financial planning services from the whole of the Market, without any limit on product or provider choices – no ‘halfway house’ being independent for one type of advice area and only, say, so-called “best of breed” for another.

To read more about what Chartered Financial Planner means click here.


Tipping things in your favour

We believe that, if you stick to the above initial criteria in the first instance, you should find that you have the best chance of obtaining:

> significantly enhanced value in your investments, both at the start and even more so over time

> lower overall management charges than retail investors, or those with commission-based advice offerings

> a holistic approach to your investment requirements, that evolve over time to meet your changing needs and circumstances.

One last thing…

Whilst the above may sound rather obvious in many ways, it seems to us to be a not-much-discussed professional secret!  If you take only one thing from this website page at all, remember it is vital to your wealth that you:

Obtain independent financial advice that does not charge you any commission on any investment product whatsoever, as this is the only way to be 100% certain that there is no bias even remotely possible in the investment advice being offered to you.

We think your best start will be to ask us what we can do for you.  If you would like to know more, then why not click here to get in touch with us for an initial discussion, without any obligation…we’re sure you’ll be pleased you did. Click here to see our free Magazines and Guides