Patterson-Mills Financial Planning is delighted to have been partnered with Blackden Financial in Switzerland since the end of 2020. This partnership enables us to offer distinctive end-to-end solutions to those going to and coming from Switzerland and also a number of EU states.

This partnership came to an amicable end on February 6th 2023, as Patterson-Mills now trades as their own brand under Patterson Mills Sàrl. You can find out more about our Swiss expansion here: Patterson Mills Sàrl.

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Blackden Financial S.A. is a lifetime financial planning firm founded in 2003 by Christopher Marriott, and specialising in offering independent advice to the international community throughout Switzerland, France, the UK and beyond.

We believe that the synergy between our two Companies is of great benefit to our Clients. Our comprehensive service is now able to continue, no matter your location. Patterson-Mills and Blackden Financial have a shared vision that everyone, no matter what stage of life they are in, can benefit from independent financial planning, which is now even more accessible.

Blackden’s philosophy is clear and aligned to our own, tin the belief that you are more likely to succeed in life when you have a plan, and the same applies to managing your money.  As Christopher rightly has often reminded Blackden Clients:

Throughout life, your needs and aspirations, as well as your income, assets and outgoings, will change and no financial position is, or remains, static for long. This makes it vital that the advice you receive is not only tailored to your individual circumstances, but is also reviewed on a regular basis.

At Blackden, Christopher and his Team are Members of the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Geneva and Lausanne, as well as being the Sponsor of its Young Professionals Group (YPG).

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Whether you are looking to leave the UK, return, or move within the EU, we can offer guidance and additional services from us and our carefully selected partners with every aspect of your move.

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