If you are considering moving between one of the 27 EU countries, or even to Switzerland, to work or live, it is important to note that your current financial adviser will quite probably be unable to accommodate your financial management needs, once you are no longer resident in one jurisdiction and have moved to the second jurisdiction.

The rare exception would be if the Adviser Firm has special overseas regulatory permissions from the specific Regulator of the Country to which you have moved.

Important financial protection

Extreme care should be taken if your existing Adviser suggests that you can be advised once you have changed EU country of residence. In particular, you will likely lose the financial protections in place when receiving advice from a regulated Adviser Firm in the first territory. These include the:

  1. Financial services compensation arrangements 
  2. Ombudsman schemes where they exist 
  3. Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)*  

*cover that the Adviser Firm would usually have to adequately protect you, in the event of a financial loss being deemed due to advice given to you. 

We have found cases where Adviser Firms across the EU are unaware of the above rules and regulations, continuing to advise Clients from one country who move away to another. This is bad for the Client losing some or all of the above protections 

Our distinctive solution 

Fortunately, whether or not you are a current Client of Patterson-Mills, we can offer you the right advisory solution for those moving to, or even between, the following jurisdictions: 

  • France 
  • Italy 
  • Luxembourg  
  • Malta  
  • Spain 
  • Switzerland 

This is achieved through our international links via Patterson Mills Sàrl in Geneva, Switzerland, along with their EU Partners. The result is:

  • Your investments can be assessed, updated, and monitored 
  • Your investments can be updated in line with your risk profile and ongoing, evolving objectives 
  • We are part of the carefully selected team of experienced, professional advisers for your whole period between jurisdictions 

Our solutions are aimed at keeping your costs down, investment performance up and ensure you benefit from qualified, regulated advice in the relevant jurisdiction. 

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Whether you’re moving soon or even in the planning stage, you have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain!

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