We are delighted to have our very own Charles and Edward Mills launching the Finance HQ podcast. With regular episodes on the way, the Finance HQ team are looking to offer an entertaining look at the Swiss and international personal finance world. 

Make sure to tune in! It may also help you better understand your finances and hopes to help make your money work harder.

We hope you enjoy the podcast and we welcome you to get in touch with any questions, suggestions, or indeed feedback.

To stream on other platforms, follow the link below.

Where to Stream Finance HQ

Here you can find our most up-to-date episodes and listen for free! 

If you feel anything Edward and Charles discuss may be relevant to you, about which you would like financial advice, just let us know in an email to Edward or via our contact form here 

Please note that “Finance HQ” is an independent podcast that does not itself recommend investments or give financial advice. All discussions are for interest only and do not represent personal financial recommendations. Always contact us to request independent financial advice before making any investment decision that you may feel relevant to you arising from listening to the Finance HQ podcasts.