Edward Mills

Job Title: Managing Director

Edward has over 33 years’ experience in financial advisory services, private client and also property businesses and co-founded Patterson-Mills in 2011. Having become a Chartered Financial Planner in 2012, being highly experienced in wealth management, Edward is responsible for the strategic management of the Business.  This included the development of our employee benefits proposition from the start, designed in such a way so as to complement the financial planning / wealth management side to the Business. Over the years, Edward has continued to advise Private Clients in all aspects of wealth management / complex financial planning, from tax-efficient structure to accumulate wealth, to investment strategies to facilitate the decumulation of it, for our Clients in retirement. In his spare time, Edward is a keen strategy board-gamer, wine enthusiast and Francophile – he even met his Wife way back in 1988 “on the piste”, skiing ‘en France’.

Chris Rathbone

Job Title: Client Relationship Manager – Employee Benefits

Chris has over 40 years’ experience in financial services, both with product providers, including leading Insurers such as Scottish Life – now Royal London – and private banking (Cater Allen Private Bank) client.  Chris has seen how the product innovation side of our industry works from the inside and brings a wealth of experience to Patterson-Mills’ employee benefits business. In his spare time, Chris is a keen global explorer – his next holiday always being booked well in advance and to far flung shores – gardener and DIY enthusiast!

Jeanette Mills

Job Title: Operations and Compliance Director

Jeanette has 25 years’ experience in the financial services sector, covering both private client and corporate employee benefits and co-founded Patterson-Mills in 2011. A qualified Private Secretary, Jeanette heads up the operations at Patterson-Mills, with a special interest in all things Auto-enrolment, as well as oversight of all aspects of the administrative areas of the Company. It was following over 10 years’ experience in the automotive industries, including private and public sectors, Jeanette ‘discovered’ financial services.  The necessary attention to detail and a keen stamina to ensure the Company stays on-track with its business obligations to Clients, both Private and Corporate alike, makes Jeanette’s input invaluable in an ever-changing industry and regulatory framework. In her spare time, Jeanette is a keen Francophile, fitness fan and foodie.

Ralitsa Markova

Job Title: Employee Benefits Manager

Ralitsa comes from the banking world and in 2015 brought over 10 years’ experience to Patterson-Mills, having graduated from University of Nottingham in the UK.  Ralitsa’s role involves a keen eye for detail to ensure our Employer payrolls and the various statutory Auto-enrolment regulations are followed, keeping our Corporate Clients fully compliant with the regulations. With the plethora of systems and technologies out there today, Ralitsa is there to make sure things always run smoothly for our Corporate Clients. In her spare time, Ralitsa is a keen shopper and visitor to England’s multitude of Country Houses and their gardens

Sam Sharma

Job Title: Accounts Manager

Sam came to Patterson-Mills in 2018 and she brings the many years of accountancy experience she has to make sure the accounts, payroll and tax side of the Business run smoothly.  This means our Board of Directors is able to make sure that all is running compliantly with the financial regulations, which are so important in our Sector. This valuable role helps ensure our advisory services can be focused upon fully for our Clients, both private and corporate. In her spare time, Sam is a keen cook and has a busy family house to run.

Charles Mills

Job Title: Wealth Management Assistant

This role started back in 2016, when Charles’ natural capability with the IT side of life, meant that operating our website and associated activities (e.g. group emails to employee benefits clients about upcoming meeting dates and times) was a natural fit. In financial advisory businesses across the UK, the majority are smaller companies and the technology / website role is not clearly defined, let alone having any strategic influence on the business operations! Charles has brought a keen focus on the benefits of using technology efficiently and effectively, to the great benefit of assisting with growing the Business and to the enhanced convenience of our existing Clients. In his spare time, Charles is an Australiaphile and loves travelling in general.  Having visited vineyards from a tot upwards (with careful parental guidance back then!), Charles has latterly visited a multitude of wine regions, from France, Switzerland, Italy and Sicily, to his latest discovery in early 2020, visiting the wonderful Hunter Valley in Oz.