Looking to relocate?

Whether you are looking to leave the UK, return, or move within the EU, we can offer guidance and additional services from us and our carefully selected partners with every aspect of your move.

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Expanding to Switzerland: Patterson Mills Sàrl

We are delighted to have our sister Company in Switzerland, Patterson Mills Sàrl, enabling our holistic financial planning services to continue, no matter where you end up. Patterson Mills Sàrl services UK, US and Australian expatriates in Switzerland and provides security for our UK Clientele who can now be assured of a truly Global, independent and hands-on view of financial markets due to our team being at the forefront of developments in the financial World as and when they occur.

High costs in offshore investments

We have put together our own international financial planning and investment proposition.  When looking at the marketplace, it struck us that – although tax planning opportunities were clearly a good thing – somehow the Client’s advice costs sky-rocket.

Often, this increased cost – usually by way of ultra-high commissions and set-up fees – can significantly reduce the very real benefits of any tax savings from relevant investments.  This leaves one asking, is it worth sheltering your hard-earned wealth when such large costs are involved?

Our solution works much better for you

At Patterson-Mills Financial Planning, we asked ourselves the following questions in respect of overseas investor wealth management.

  • What if a wealth management service could be put together that had all the advantages of the tax planning opportunities?
  • What if all advice costs were transparent and not loaded with up-front, or increased costs over many years?
  • What if the commission bias were to be totally eradicated?
  • What about providing 24 x 7 x 365 access to our overseas Clients with the latest secure web technology?

Reading this now, you have probably guessed…that’s exactly what we’ve done!!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or questions.  If you haven’t yet moved overseas, but are planning to within the next 12 months, please still get in touch.  You can either:

No obligation review service

If you already have international investments, why not have them independently reviewed?  There’s no obligation and all of our international clients receive quarterly reviews and their investments are always up to date, are yours? To contact us: