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Questions to ask your existing Advisers:

Are they specialists in the Employee Benefits and Auto enrolment market, or are they generalist advisers or accountants?
Are they receiving commissions for any work undertaken?  If so, do you know how much they receive/have been receiving?  Do you know what work has been carried out for this commission?  Are you getting bang for your buck?
Is everything charged in a transparent and clear way?
Are your Advisers qualified as Chartered Financial Planners – the highest professional level Advisers can attain?
How creative are your Advisers? Have they talked to you about ways to potentially reduce your costs, or enhance your employees’ benefits?  Pension Salary Exchange is a proven cost reduction tool recognized by HMRC.
Are your existing Advisers connections being proactive in discussing with you all the information needed, so that you can make the right informed decisions?

As independent, Chartered Auto enrolment specialists, Patterson-Mills can offer its Auto enrolment Review Service to your Clients, providing a comprehensive report at a competitive cost.  This Report enables Clients to implement the right solution for their Business.

The Patterson-Mills implementation plan links with payroll solutions and uses state-of-the-art software to run the pension scheme, taking Clients all the way to their Auto enrolment Staging Date and beyond.