Employee Benefits

In the often complex area of employee benefits, you can rely upon our truly hands-on, personal service. We have the experience of over 35 years in the employee benefits sector and the necessary expertise to assess, review, recommend and operate the full range of employee benefits that your Company may wish to review, or consider, introducing for your Staff.

Above all, we take a pragmatic approach to your benefits package.

Benefits can include, though are not limited to:

Importantly, you should not be tied in. We recommend you ask your existing Adviser(s) the following questions to ensure you are receiving the best possible service available. Please click here to view.

Once Patterson-Mills is appointed as your Adviser, and your benefits package has been designed, agreed and implemented, we are available to meet with every single one of your Staff, regardless of where they are situated in the UK. Meeting the requirements of a modern working environment, we offer online video calls as well as in-person meetings.

A successful employee benefits package is one that is appreciated by your Staff. We strive at all times to make the whole concept great for the Employer and great for the Staff.

Why review your existing benefits package?

If you have had your existing benefits package in place for 3, 4 or even more years, then there is a strong possibility that your benefits package can be improved. Our review could be to the benefit of not only your Staff, but also to your Company in terms of the potential cost savings and improved employee retention, without any reduction in your current overall benefits.

For example, the management charges within group pension schemes can now be as much as 65% lower than those of schemes put in place just a few years ago. This is because Patterson-Mills have the experience and expertise needed to ensure the very best terms from the pension scheme Provider, whilst we also have an inherently cost-efficient business model ourselves.

For auto-enrolment, find out what is in our Auto-enrolment Review Report here.

No matter what you are aiming to achieve, we are here every step of the way. Simply e-mail us to info@pattersonmills.com or fill in our contact form here.

We offer a no obligation and no cost initial assessment of your current employee benefits and can arrange this with you either via online video call or in-person, whichever suits you best. We would produce our Benefits Review Report for your consideration, without any further obligation on your part.

Involved in a Corporate acquisition?

Our specialist Corporate Benefits Review service will help you quantify exactly how a target Company’s existing benefits package(s) might be successfully merged into your own, with the important employee guarantees for any transfer of emlpoyment rights being fully respected.

Our review service considers ways that you may improve the level of benefits for the same cost, as well as showing our ideas as to how you might be able to reduce costs whilst maintaining the same level of benefits for you Staff.

So, get in touch today.