Recommending us to your Clients

Put simply, Patterson-Mills Financial Planning has experienced personnel that meet three key criteria in the rapidly changing financial services profession.
We are highly qualified – Chartered Financial Planners, the UK gold standard, being the most advanced financial planner level in the UK, including specialist qualifications in addition to this (currently representing only around 5% of all Advisers in the UK).
Furthermore, our Principal Partner, Edward Mills, includes in his most specialist qualifications, qualifications in Trust & Estate Planning, Pension Transfer Specialist, Equity Release and Long Term Care.  These are in addition to his PFS Advanced Level investment and holistic financial planning credits.
You can be sure with Patterson-Mills that we can cater for your Clients needs.
We operate without commission biasall our investment business is on a fee basis, with wholesale investment pricing for your Clients.  All investment commissions are refunded or rebated to the Client, either directly or through their investment product.
We are totally independent and able to offer advice relating to the whole of the Market, for everything, no cherry-picking, just everything!
To learn more about what a Chartered Financial Planner really is, please click here.
The decision to use the services of a financial planning practice is fraught with difficulties for many a professional, due partly to the vaguaries of the financial services industry over the last 30 years or so.
The advent of the Retail Distribution Review (known as RDR) in January 2013 by the FSA, our regulatory body, has caused many practices to have to find out how to move away from their high-commission paying business models.
There’s also the question of competence and qualifications.  Many financial planning businesses are not yet able to continue trading by the end of 2012 if they don’t address this issue very quickly indeed.  Patterson-Mills is already in a position to meet (indeed exceed) the new FSA requirements.
All in all, we aim to provide you with the piece of mind that your Clients will obtain:

  • highly professional, competent advice
  • top-notch customer service
  • outstanding value for money
  • wholly independent advice from the whole of market, for everything

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